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Application and Fees

Application fee $  35.00
Registration fee $  75.00
Tuition per credit hour undergraduate $100.00
Tuition per credit hour graduate $150.00
Assessment for prior learning undergraduate tuition
(per credit)
Assessment for prior learning undergraduate Tuition
(per credit)
Associate of Arts Degree Program 60 credit hours $6,000.00
Bachelor of Arts Degree Program 120 credit hours $12,000.00
Master of Arts Degree Program  
30 credit hour program
48 credit hour program
Master of Divinity  
90 credit hour program
Change of Major Fee (re-evaluation) $  20.00
Extension Fee (6 months) $  10.00
Extension Fee (12 months) $  20.00
Reactivation Fee $  10.00
Credit-by-exam Fee (per course) $100.00
Examination Retake Fee $  25.00
Transcript Copy $  10.00
Ministerial Candidate Tuition (per credit) $  50.00
Deferred Credit Fee-Ministerial (per credit) $  50.00
Deferred Credit Fee-Non-ministerial (per credit) $  50.00

 Deferred Credit Policy

Inter-Continental Christian University offers a deferred credit option for individuals who wish to study on the college level, but do not wish to pursue a degree. Students pay 50% of the tuition costs and receive the same materials and services, as do students who are studying for credit. They must complete all assignments and examinations; however, no college credit is granted. Grades are recorded on a student record with a "P+ Grade" to indicate that the course was a deferred credit. A diploma will be issued along with a copy of their recorded grades. These courses may later be converted to credit status. This is done by paying the remaining 50% of the tuition (at the current rate), at which time the grade will be recorded on a university transcript.

Ministerial Discount

Ministerial candidates who are taking degree-level courses to prepare for credentials with an approved affiliate are given a discount of approximately 10% on tuition only (currently $90 per credit). Verification from the affiliate that these individuals are ministerial candidates is required. The charge for textbooks, study guides, and other materials, is excluded in this special discount.

Ministerial Candidates

Ministerial candidates who do not desire college credit, but are requested to do degree-level work to prepare for credentials, may choose the Deferred Credit option for the college courses. The charge for this will be one-half the ministerial candidate tuition charge or $50.00 per credit plus the cost of materials. This fee includes all student services including the degree-level final examination. Discount does not apply in conjunction with any other discounts or scholarships.

When a student completes a course on a deferred credit basis (see above), the grade is assigned and recorded on a transcript by which affiliates are notified of completed ministerial candidacy course work. A "P+ Grade" beside the grade indicates that the course was taken under the degree-level Deferred Credit policy. No university transcript is activated, since the student has not indicated a desire to secure college credit. In the event a student who completes a college course by deferred credit desires to receive college credit at a later date, he must complete the college application, pay a $35. Application fee and $75 registration fee, and the differential tuition.

Senior Citizensí Discount

A 10% discount (on tuition only) will be provided, when requested, for every student enrolling in an undergraduate degree program after his or her 55th birthday. These discounts are applicable to undergraduate college and institute courses only (not graduate courses). They cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount.

Family Member Discount

When a spouse or other member of the immediate family residing at the same household enrolls simultaneously in the same degree-program, a 10% discount off the tuition price will be granted upon request. This discount is not applicable to counseling courses provided by LIFEBUILDERS Ministries or in conjunction with any other discount. If two members of the same family are taking different degree programs or do not take the degree programs at the same time, the discount would apply only to the second family member. The discount does not apply to deferred credit courses, but would apply to the upgrade of Deferred Credit to credit at a later time.

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